What Inspires You?

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What Inspires You?? I was just thinking about what inspires people........what motivates and drives them to be better and do better. Don't we all have those days where you wish you could have about 10 more hours added to your day? Yesterday my hands were aching from using my jewelry tools, my mind was racing from the overload of things I hadn't accomplished yet, and it was already midnight! Yikes, gulping down a super-sized coffee just wasn't going to do it.

So I was wondering today, what inspires people at the end of their crazy, super busy days? 3 things immediately came to my mind- My Family - (Mike, Matthew, Anthony, and Mason), Knowledge (knowing that I can do better - so I must do better), Faith (I have been blessed with this life so I need to live it the best I can).......

Be inspired today!