A 1000 Year Old Technique I still Use Today

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History was written down in very rustic and ancient way. Thousands of years ago shapes, symbols, and sometimes letters were chiseled into hard rock and metals. Paints were made out of micas and plants, and then rubbed into the grooves of the artwork until the picture seemed to come alive with new dimension.

What can we appreciate from this ancient technique that has spanned the millennia? The beauty of this imperfect method is a form of art that should be appreciated, not because of how straight the lines are, or how smooth the surface of the piece ends up. What authenticates its beauty are the imperfections in each piece. Unique art chiseled in time because it was made by artist’s hands, not a machine.

We’ve adapted this ancient technique into our line of jewelry we call “Hammer and Chisel”. Using the same ancient technique of striking a shank with a hammer, we personalize our jewelry with names, phrases, words, and dates by forging the hand tools into a softer metal, and then darkening the groves until the piece comes alive. Never the same result. Small imperfections that leave the mark that this item is handmade. And that’s what it is all about and it’s what I love to do.