About Stephanie


Growing up in the Midwest, my family traveled to other parts of the United States learn to value our differences. What I found was various styles, languages, food, and customs; but the underlying thread that joined us together, was and the World to experience other communities and cultures, and 

the beauty of nature. I was drawn to this beauty that appears in the simplest of objects or the smallest of moments. We are surrounded by beauty as the seasons change and colors are transformed; words that inspire us and moments that are unforgettable. To take the time and share this beauty is what has inspired me to create jewelry pieces that will bring a smile to someone’s face, and create a memory that will forever last.

Silverado Jewelry is located in a studio in our home in Newton, Iowa, where I have been designing and creating one-of-kind jewelry for the past six years. Pushing new design boundaries and trying to capture a certain spirit in each collection and piece becomes the beauty of this profession…..and the possibilities are endless!!

I graduated from college with a Bachelor Degree in Geology, and a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts. Designing and making jewelry has given me a medium to be able to blend my love and knowledge of natural stones and metals with the creative flair of an artist. I have been blessed to have a job that allows me to explore my passions for natural art, and family and friends that support these passions. My husband and I have 3 energetic boys that inspire us and “teach” us to enjoy life!

Through my travels to art shows, I was fortunate to meet customers from across the United States. Developing an online boutique seemed the next logical step for me to share these designs with customers from all over the world. I try to create diverse pieces that go from casually playful and inexpensive, to inspired family heirlooms passed from generation to generation. I really feel my collection truly offers something for everyone. I hope you enjoy them!